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From the Chair of the Mandela Institute’s U.S. Advisory Board

The Mandela Institute, with its commitment to academic excellence and capacity building, has a major role to play as regional center of excellence in international trade policy and practice. For the long-term success that it deserves, The Mandela Institute will require the strong support of global institutions and the private sector.

The results of the World Trade Organization's recent ministerial meeting in Doha, Qatar constitute a clear challenge to WTO members and global business to substantially increase capacity building to ensure meaningful developing-country participation in trade and investment negotiations. That is precisely the mandate of the Mandela Institute.

It is an especially momentous time for South Africa, as the gains of democratization are consolidated and the country reintegrates itself into the modern global economy. Indeed, recent discussions of a possible free trade agreement between the United States and South Africa underscore the great strides the country has made in recent years.

The Mandela Institute will continue to contribute to President Mandela's historic role in the transformation of the country and, as we launch this ambitious undertaking in the United States, we look forward to your commitment and support.

The United States advisory board of The Mandela Institute:

John Chalsty, Chairman, Muirfield Capital Management

Bruce A. Hubbard, P.C., Attorney at Law

David Schneider, former Senior Executive, The Coca-Cola Company

The University of the Witwatersrand Law School