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A Multitude of Partners

Mike Moore
Director General of the World Trade Organization

Working to build capacity through technical assistance and training is a subject very close to my heart, and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to know that two such prestigious institutions are woring jointly to assist talented young women and men in Africa in their efforts to become more fully engaged in the global economy.

In Doha last November, ministers from developing countries stated unequivocally that their support for further efforts at trade liberalization were closely linked to a enhanced support for technical assistance and capacity building. It is no understatement to say that the success of the Doha Development Agenda will be significantly influenced by our ability to deliver such assistance to the developing world.

The cooperation you have shown in putting together this program is important because frankly, no one institution can offer all the solutions to what is a complex problem. We in the WTO are working closely with the IMF, the Work Bank, UNCTAD, ITC and UNDP to develop a strong response to address the capacity problems in the developing world. Allow me to briefly highlight for you some of the steps we have taken since Doha to improve our play with respect to capacity building:

  • Our member governments approved in December a 6.75 percent budget increase, a good part of which will be dedicated to capacity building.
  • Our member governments approved in December a 6.75 percentbudget increase, a good part of which will be dedicated to capacity building.
  • Governments contributed about $19 million to our trust funds. This was twice the expected contribution.
  • By establishing our Training Institute we will by next year double (to about 400) the number of trainees we can serve in Geneva each year.
  • We are at this moment working on a program of WTO Trade Policy courses in Africa. The WTO secretariat will work closely with our partner institutions in setting up the curriculum, selecting trainees providing course materials and ensuring quality control.

I would again like to congratulate you for the strong start you have made in launching your program and I wish you every success in the future.