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Providing the Necessary Policy Framework

Susan Finston
Assistant Vice President, PhRMA

PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, sees the promise of The Mandela Institute to provide the necessary policy framework to extend opportunities for growth and development both to South Africa and throughout Southern Africa. The Mandela Institute can provide the technical assistance and training needed to build capacity for South Africa to gain from the global trade system.

We know what works. Taking the examples for small and large developing countries alike, countries can best ensure growth and poverty reduction through trade.

In Jordan, a decade long effort to reform the domestic economy has led to a five-fold increase in foreign direct investment since Jordan acceded to the WTO and subsequently signed a Free Trade Agreement with the United States. In India, economic reforms are less far-reaching, but the middle class has grown from six percent to 18 percent of the population over the last decade nonetheless as the Indian economy has become more export oriented.

But capacity building is essential - to provide the necessary infrastructure not only to negotiate trade agreements, but to have the needed training for industrial property (patent and trademark) examiners, judicial reforms, and other needed regulatory authorities.