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Funding Needed to Endow Chairs and Finance Research
By Prof. David Unterhalter, Director of the Mandela Institute

The full participation by developing countries in the global economy is predicated upon an appropriate legal framework and skills base. In key areas, developing countries have fragmented laws and depleted skills that inhibit engagement with the world trading system and its institutions.

The Mandela Institute was established to redress this position so as to build capacity in the developing world, and particularly in Africa, via teaching and research. The Institute’s work also seeks to influence policy and legislative frameworks so as to facilitate the integration of developing countries into the global economy.

The Institute teaches courses in Competition Law, International Trade Law, Environment Law and Water Law, and will be introducing further courses this year in International Tax, and Telecommunications Law, Banking Law and the Institutions of Human Rights Enforcement.

In addition to quality advanced teaching and research, the Mandela Institute will also be an influential center of policy, advocacy and publications.

We are educating a new generation of skilled international lawyers and trade negotiators, using the expertise of the University of the Witwatersrand’s existing and visiting professors and research fellows. The Institute will also undertake partnership projects to expand both human resources and areas of expertise.

Seven endowed Chairs and research fellowships have been established in the following core areas:

  • International Business Law
  • Environmental Law and Development
  • Telecommunications and Media Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Competition Law
  • Banking Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Labor Law

To maintain the University's world-class standards and to better serve its capacity-building aims, endowments are sought in the Institute’s core areas of competence. This includes funding in those areas where endowments have already been made but additional posts would greatly augment the work being done, and Chairs in the following fields:

  • International Trade Law
  • Regulatory Law
  • A Visiting Chair in Intellectual Property law
  • International Arbitration

These endowed Chairs and their concomitant research fellowships will serve several strategic purposes: to retain and attract academic talent; to mark out areas of study that will generate research and teaching of the highest caliber; and to concentrate talent to achieve the targeted results in partnership with donors.

Chairs, which may be permanently endowed and named for the donor, will be held by those with the essential expertise: legal and trade scholars, specialist research fellows, and other academic and business experts.

Moreover, the Institute is seeking funding for visiting professors, particularly foreign experts who would teach for a shorter time.

To make a pledge, please contact the Mandela Institute:

    New York:
    David Schneider
    The Mandela Institute
    P O Box 7101 
    New York, NY 10150
    Phone: 212-371-0350
    Fax: 212-371-0390
    Myrna Kaplan
    Director, Wits Law School Endowment Appeal
    WLSEA, School of Law, University of the Witwatersrand
    Private Bag 3
    Wits 2050
    South Africa 
    Phone: 27-11-717-8435
    Fax: 27-11-339-4733