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Funding Aims 2003

From: John Chalsty, Chairman of The Mandela Institute's USA Advisory Board

As an alumnus of The University of the Witwatersrand and chairman of The Mandela Institute's USA Advisory Board, I would like to outline the three areas that we are presenting for support by US Friends of The Mandela Institute.

Since President Mandela gave his name to the Institute as a center for education about global trade in developing countries, "Capacity Building", which concerns education on global trade for Developing Countries, has become a significant initiative of the World Trade Organization and its members including the USA and South Africa. The high quality education of the Mandela Institute and South Africašs important role in the WTO elevate the strategic significance of, and important regional opportunities for, The Mandela Institute. You will have seen the recent newsletter, also available on this web site, which describes a symposium on Capacity Building in New York earlier this year. The three areas summarized for your consideration are:

1. Capacity Building: Conference at Wits on Capacity Building

Encouraged by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, The Mandela Institute will offer a week long conference on Capacity Building in Johannesburg, teaching aspects of global trade to government and private sector employees from all countries in Africa. Appropriate technology will be employed to enhance effectiveness and benefits, for example through distance learning, video and print materials.

2. Intellectual Property ­ a Chair in Intellectual Property and visiting professorships

High quality instruction in Intellectual Property enhanced by visiting professors in this area of great international importance will provide another opportunity for The Mandela Institute to demonstrate leadership in its commitment to exemplary education.

3. Center ­ a Resource and Conference Center

Having a Center for conferences, resources, research, quality teaching and meetings will enable The Mandela Institute to become a preeminent advocacy group, think tank and publisher while retaining its leadership role in effective education. In this way, The Mandela Institute will advance trade, trade initiatives and Capacity Building in Developing countries, especially in Africa. Regional initiatives and conferences will be enhanced by the application and use of appropriate information technology.

With this choice of funding, I hope you will write or call if you are interested, have questions or would like to make a gift. For Section 501 (c) (3) purposes, US checks are made payable to The University of the Witaterstand Fund, Inc, a corporation under Section 501 (c) (3) and may be mailed to The Mandela Institute, PO Box 7101, New York, NY 10150.

Thank you,

John Chalsty