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American Friends of the Mandela Instiute -- Funding Goals


Center for WTO documents, research, advocacy and publication, including founding executive — $2 million

Endowed/named Chair in Intellectual Property including visiting professors — $1 million

Scholarships, especially for students from Africa — Annual Endowment


  • Contributions acknowledged; suitable recognition at The Mandela Institute for all categories—Corporations, Institutions and Individuals
  • For Individuals, Members of the Million Rand Club are those who contribute one million Rand (approximately $100,000)
  • American Friends of The Mandela Institute1s plan is to equal United Kingdom and South African donors to The Mandela Institute, who together have contributed or promised nearly $3 million.

    How to make a gift:
    Checks payable to:
    "The University of the Witwatersrand Fund, Inc."
    The Fund is a corporation under the Internal Revenue Code 
    Section 501(c)(3)
    New York, NY 10150

    Click here for printable donation form.
    Mail checks to The Mandela Institute P.O. Box 7101 New York, NY 10150 For further information, please contact: The Mandela Institute P.O. Box 7101 New York, NY 10150 Phone: 212-371-0350 Fax: 212-371-0390 Email: